Fantasy Illustrator


All prices listed are the base price.
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Additional elements, characters, design complexity may result in additional fees. Final price will be discussed with client through email/ direct messages.

*price listed includes flat color/simple background only




Hello, lovely to meet you~ I’m Cider and I’m a freelance digital illustrator. I create ethereal pieces with fine art influences. I am currently open to any illustrative type of work. I look forward to working with you!If you please, check my social medias if you would like to see more and support my work.


For all inquiries please contact: [email protected]
(Email is preferred but you may refer to any of my social medias DMs.)
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Terms of Service

By commissioning the artist (Cider) for any service, you are agreeing to the terms below


-When requesting please describe in a clear and concise manner, clear references are appreciated.
-Any rude or ill-advised behavior will not be tolerated and will result in commission being canceled.
-I can NOT draw excessive gore or NSFW, anthropomorphic animals, full mecha, NFTs


-All payments are in USD (United States Dollar).
-Payment must be paid upfront and in full.
-Accepted payment methods:
Paypal, Venmo, Square
(Commission will not be started until full payment is received)


Updates will only be provided if the commissioner personally asks for them. Updates will be given if the artist has a question about the commission or if the artists decides to make major changes.
At the discretion of the artist, updates will not be given in the event the commissioner asks excessively.
The creation time can take up to 2-3 months depending on the following factors :
-Artist Health
-Complexity of commission
-Family issues
If any of the following occurs the commissioner will be notified ASAP.
2. Customer Satisfaction
Generally you will be given 3 work in progress (WIPs)
The commissioner will receive sketches of the commission before proceeding to the final render. Please clearly list all changes when you have received the sketch of the commission.
After the sketch stage only minor changes may be made. 'Minor' changes are at the discretion of the artist.
Any major changes will come with an extra charge, for example:
-Character design change
-Background change
-Lighting change
Anything that makes the artist have to redraw a great portion of the commission~


A purchase of commercial right to the artwork will be 200% of the original priceI, the artist, have full rights over the produced artwork.
Commissioned products are for personal, non-profit/non-commercial use only, unless it is stated and agreed with the artist prior for commercial use.
The commissioner can NOT use for individual profit such as distributing or making merchandise of said commission. The commissioned work can NOT be used for AI or NFT purposes. The commissioner can NOT remove any watermarks/signatures and MUST credit the artist. Removal of watermarks/signatures will be considered copyright infringement.
The artist is free to post the commission to a portfolio, printing it for distribution and sales, and for use in self-promotion. When in use the artist will not misrepresent the original intent of the commissioner.


If an invoice has not been received the commissioner, you, have the right to cancel the commission. The artist has the right to cancel and refund the commission at any time.
After payments are received, the commissioner, you, have no right to cancel or demand a refund under any circumstances. If a charge-back is charged against the artist by the commissioner, the right to the commissioned artwork will be retracted. The artists holds the right to file a complaint if necessary. The artists holds the right to all transactions received.

Any statement is subject to change with the artist, prior to the start of a commission